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China Electric Vehicle Association Function

  Article 1:Carry out interrelated policy of Party and nation according to the general task of economic development and electric vehicle situation.
  Article 2: Deal with professional research and basic information collection, investigate professional trend, put forward proposals such as industrial programes,technological policy and economic legislation to government and participate in relevant activities.
  Article 3: Promote alliances in and out of industry in various forms, coordinate production operation, development of technology, cooperation and competition issues between enterprises in this industry to promote technical progress and enhance managerial and administrative expertise.
  Article 4: Provide consulting service: provide technical,economic and marketing information at home and abroad, edit business publications and establish association website.
  Article 5: Adopt various forms to train professionals for member units,to enhance the quality of technical and economic managerial personnel.
  Article 6: Contact with foreign related organizations, represent industry to participate in some relevant organizations and meetings worldwide,carry out domestic and foreign cooperation, and undertake marketing activities in economy and technology.
  Article 7: Draft product criteria of industry and state consigned by concerning government
  Article 8: Exchange information about export, use of foreign investment and importation of
advanced technology, accelerate communication and cooperation between enterprises.
  Article 9: Make association constitution after negotiation and compliance with these regulations.
  Article 10: Defend legitimate rights of membership, mediate member disputes and coordinate relations of electric vehicle industry.
  Article 11: Undertake works committed by the concerning government departments.
  Article 12:Conduct other activities which is beneficial to membership.