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  China Electric Vehicle Association(CEVA for short),founded in June,2004, is a national nongovernment organization that composed voluntarily by eletric vehicle industry and public institutions and workers. It is a social intermediary organization of electric vehicle industry.

  CEVA comes into being because of electric vehicle development and will flourish and expand with vigorous development of electric vehicle industry. The objectives of CEVA is: focus on economic development; make great efforts to national economy progress and electric vehicle industry; serve professional enterprises and workers wholeheartedly; provide information to government,membership,enterprises and other sectors of social circles; play the role as bridge between government and enterprises.

  The assignments of CEVA: Explore professional development strategies, legal regulations and managerial system; put forward related suggestions to government and relevant leader agency; Promote horizontal cooperation between member units to accelerate win-win situation; explore professional theoretical and practical issues; Promote technical progress, investigate on domestic electric vehicle technology and its marketing trend; Compile business and technological information; Organize training for eletric vehicle talents; hold professional exhibition both at home and abroad,invite domestic and foreign experts to give lectures, so as to accelerate worldwide communication and cooperation, constantly pushing forward professional development.

  In order to enhance our services, promote technological progress of electric vehicle, assist government efficiently and provide services more effectively to general membership units and professional enterprises at home and abroad, CEVA have launched “China Electric vehicle Almanac” and “Transaction Network of China Electric Vehicle”(

   The beliefs of CEVA: solidarity, cooperation, innovation, pragmatism.